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    Information about: Calculation of Conditions for a Pump

    Pumping is a part of almost any production facility. The way to calculate the conditions for a pump is well known to engineers, but can be quite time consuming. The engineering page does the hard work for you.

    The pressure drop calculations are valid for laminar and turbulent flow. For the fittings the 2-k method was used. This provides a good prediction of the pressure drop of fittings in both the laminar and turbulent flow region. See the description for pressure drop calculations for more information about this subject. Users that prefer the equivalent diameter or fixed k method can input their value in the fixed item section.

    The input is fairly straight forward. Please note that a choice for DIN or ANSI piping needs to be made and that the calculation is made for the option selected with the radio button. The conditions for the pump are calculated and presented in an easy to read format. Note that line sizing, pump conditions etc. are checked and recommendations are given where appropriate.
    The recommendations are intended to aid the engineers and give tips / hints for selection. They are not intended to exclude any commercial products or manufactures.